Fast-forward just a month later and we certainly made the right decision: Marcia’s pricing strategy was exactly on target and her research was both lightning-fast and comprehensive, qualities that continued throughout every step of this very fast process. Our house sold on the first day it was listed for the price we were hoping for, and Marcia expertly managed all aspects of both our purchase and sale transaction details including helping us navigate the inspection process, staying on top of the myriad daily details required to coordinate with escrow and our mortgage broker and just making sure that nothing fell through the cracks. Throughout the entire process Marcia’s professionalism, good nature and obvious desire to ensure positive outcomes for everyone involved on both sides were clear.

Marcia was every bit the professional and expert that I expected. I interviewed many agents to sell our home and Marcia was the cream of the crop, she knows the game and how it’s played, she kept timelines going even when things looked poorly.

In a nut-shell she’s a champ.

We presented Marcia with a very difficult task — we wanted to buy a house she had listed but it was a completely spur-of-the-moment decision, and we hadn’t even thought about putting our house on the market before seeing this particular listing. In order to make everything work out we needed to move extremely fast and not make any mis-steps, so after reviewing all of our options we asked Marcia if she would also be the listing agent for our house. Marcia was very clear with us during these discussions about her role in both transactions, and suggested several times that we might want to consider a different agent for our listing; but honestly we had such a great impression from our first conversation that we felt Marcia was the right broker for our house.

We’re fairly certain we wouldn’t have been able to make this work if Marcia wouldn’t have been there to provide such great guidance at every step of the process, and we definitely completed the process with less angst than we might have with someone else who wasn’t as skilled at anticipating all the twists and turns before they happened.

I would highly recommend Marcia Hardy to anyone buying or selling a home in the Seattle area. Marcia helped my husband and I buy our first home in November 2012 and she did an excellent job. Being new to the process, we needed someone with a lot of experience who knew the market and the area and could help us figure out what we were looking for. Marcia was perfect. She spent long hours with us looking at homes and discussing pros and cons. She also educated us about the house-buying process and always provided thorough answers to our many questions. Marcia was also very patient and flexible about scheduling, as we were living in Bellingham at the time and could only come down to the Seattle area occasionally. When it came time to negotiate with our sellers and their agent, Marcia did an excellent job of representing our interests and getting to a deal that everyone was happy with. She is someone with a lot of integrity and a lot of knowledge and we will miss hanging out with her now that our home purchase is complete!