King County Market Update – March 2015

We continue to add to the number of new listings, but it is simply not enough to keep up with the demand. As of March, there are 2,807 listings but we have more homes under contract than that (this is possible because homes could have pended in the previous month or even before). The number of listings available on the market continues to be at an historic low which means multiple offers are continuing as the norm this spring.


However, if you have been thinking about moving but aren’t sure how you would compete with other buyers, there are several options available to you right now making it easier to make a change. I welcome homeowners who want to learn more about their options to give me a call.

The Federal Reserve indicated they would start to ease up the interest rates which would likely mean a mortgage interest rate bump which could come as early as this summer.

If you are thinking of a move in the next 12 months, let’s touch base and strategize. Call (206) 595-4284 or email at .

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